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Agias Vrionas 10, 8507, Timi, Paphos




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TIMI history


The village existed during the Middle Ages, and is marked in old maps as Timi. De Latri, gives the information that the village was a feud against the Franks that King James Bo Bastard (1460 – 1473) gave the noble Peter NtAvila to which probably belonged to the village of Tala, Paphos.

Some scholars write their village as Timi (rather than price) considering that the name came from the ancient Dimi (like the village Dymes), which probably refers to ancient relations with Dimi city of Achaia who came to Cyprus under the leadership of Cepheus. However the official maps the village is written as price and probably has hagiographic source.

Certainly cannot be proved to have existed in the same area of ancient settlement called Dimi. However the fact is that very close to the village is an archaeological site of prehistoric times. More over the area of the village is an important point between ancient Palaipaphos and ancient Paphos. Of course the whole area should have belonged to the kingdom of Paphos and was quite crowded.

In our younger like to say that probably the name Timi took from values given away in honor of the goddess Aphrodite, honest, and go to the gardens in Geroskipou of dolls.

The mosque of the village was earlier Christian Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia. Though that was once completely painted inside, as the hagiographies were covered with plaster. The mail church of the village of Agia Irini is modern and is located in the center of the village.

TIMI places of interest

Places of Interest

TIMI places of interest tours, 1375767516beach.jpg
TIMI places of interest tours, 1375767974forest.jpg
Forest Route
TIMI places of interest tours, 1375768313vrises.jpg
TIMI churches and monasteries


TIMI churches and monasteries tours, 1375777268church.jpg
Agias Sofias Church
TIMI churches and monasteries tours, 1375703714agia_eirini.jpg
Agia Eirini Church
TIMI community council

Community Council


Community Council

Filaretos Filios  President  99327383
Nikolaou Efthimios Vice President  96274010
Filippou Panagiota Secretary 99414939



Antoniou Leonidas 99647259
Aristodemou Aggelos 99517079
Efstathiou Rona 96888008
Lambrinou Andreas 99517184
Sokratous Charalambos 99202675
Tsoukkas Stefanos 96469420
Charalambous Despo 99803297


TIMI citizen services

Citizens Services

Projects in TIMI


Video of TIMI


Records of TIMI


Organised groups in TIMI

Organised Groups


Timi Youth Center  

Located at Agia Irini area, The youth center conducts events for the youth community and for the surrounding areas.

Personalities in TIMI


Culture and sports in TIMI



Timi's youth football team which competes in the first category of
the agricultural football league. It also functions as a football academy. Located on Makriyanni street No.2.

Committee of AEN Timi

Christos Philipou President  99792108 
Andreas Andreou
Vice President  99798586  
Stavros Chatzielia Treasurer  99797812
Stefanos Tsoukka
Secretary  96469420 
Giorge Kaskanis 
Member  99542456 
Charalambos Charalambous 
Member  96712313 
Skevi Polikarpou
Member  99301452 



Urban areas in TIMI

Planning Zones

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Entertainment in TIMI


Services in TIMI


Tours of services in TIMI, 1375768632airport_parking.jpg
Airport Parking

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375770289d.anastasiou_cars.jpg
D. Anastasiou Cars

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375770497nipiagogio.jpg
Timi Kindergarten

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375770893kinigetikos_syllogos.jpg
Asprokremmos Hunting Club

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375771110kinotiko_simvoulio.jpg
Community Council of Timi

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375771231minimarket.jpg

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375771353opap.jpg

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375771498paphos_airport.jpg
Pafos International Airport

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375771648park.jpg

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375771778park_and_go_car_sales.jpg
Park and Go Car Sales

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375772016periferiako_dimotiko_sxolio_timis.jpg
Timi Primary School

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375772664spe_geroskipou.jpg
COOP Geroskipou

Tours of services in TIMI, 1375773388shops.jpg
Main Road

Places to eat in TIMI

Food & Wine

Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375706052pizza_tower.jpg
Pizza Tower and Coffee Shop
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375706202plateia_coffee_shop.jpg
Plateia Coffee Shop
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375706330marnik_souvlakia.jpg
Marnik Souvlakia
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375704501coffee_shop.jpg
Coffee Shop
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375707355coffee_shop_2.jpg
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375705006coffee_shop_and_kiosk.jpg
Antreis Coffee Shop and Kiosk
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375705438costas_takeaway.jpg
Costas Take Away
Tours of places to eat in TIMI, 1375705805leonidas_takeaway.jpg
Leonidas Take Away
Shopping in TIMI


Accommodation in TIMI



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