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70, Archiepiskopou Makariou III 4878, Pelendri




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PELENDRI history


Pelendri, which can be found in the western end of Pitsylia, just east of the "Karvouna - Saitta" valley, and situated close to the villages of Kato Amiantos, Potamistissa and Agros in the east, as well as the village of Trimiklini in the west is situated just 40 Kilometers from the port city of Limassol. Pelendri is surrounded by hills with an altitude of 880 meters, with picturesque views all around. Pelendri existed as a settlement since the mediaeval times. De Masse Latri mentions it as Pelendres or Pelondres that in 1353 was a feud of John de Lusignan, who at the time was a member of the royal family of Cyprus.

The medieval analyst Georgios Voustronios mentions the village twice in his chronicle. In one instance he reports that on about the year 1461 a wealthy person - most probably a merchant -under the name Satenis lived in the settlement. In the second instance he mentions two farms/ranches of Pelendri that belonged to Ridgo di Marino and that were confiscated in 1474 by Catherine Cornaro. These two ranches, which are the Kardama and the Filagra, were dissolved during the Turkish domination era. The Filagra however was re-established under the same name in the middle of the 20th century and contained a small number of houses and entertainment centres for the tourists along the main road of Karvounas - Saittas.

Pelendri receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 750 millimetres; which helps in the growth of a variety of vegetation. A variety of fruit-trees (apple, pear, peach, and plum trees), olive trees, almond, and walnut trees are in abundance, as well as a variety of winemaking grapevines. In addition, Pelendri also cultivates a lot of its own vegetables locally such as, potatoes, fresh beans, tomatoes, etc.  The village is included in the plan for a uniform agrarian development for Pitsylia and has benefited with the construction of the earthen reservoir for the irrigation of land. As well, it benefits from the creation of a sanitary centre, the improvement of the rural streets, and the re-allotment of land projects that was done in the region.

Pelendri is one of the most picturesque villages in Cyprus and follows a strict preservation program for its architectural style of folkloric. Several modern buildings have been erected in the village; however, in the centre of the original nucleus of the village, many traditional houses are still preserved, and built with local rock gabbrou. Pelendri, as a feud and an administrative centre during the medieval years, has preserved a rich cultural heritage, mainly the monuments of Byzantine art. Pelendri, from a statistical point of view, ranks first in the entire district of Limassol in volume of Byzantine heritage and especially in the percentage of icons. Pelendri is also known for its unique churches and chapels. The church of the Holy Cross which has frescos from 1178 is a part of the global cultural heritage of UNESCO; the church of Panagia Catholiki with its 16th century icons was placed under the protection of the Department of Antiquities; the church of Ioannis Lambadistis with its large dome roof, makes it stand out from a distance, and finally the church of Archangel Michael, gives visitors a look at a more modern church.

PELENDRI places of interest

Places of Interest

PELENDRI places of interest tours, monument of freedom.png
The Monument of Freedom
PELENDRI places of interest tours, the porticos.png
The Porticos
PELENDRI places of interest tours, vrisi kolokasi.png
Community Park (Kolokasi region)
PELENDRI places of interest tours, heroes square.PNG
Heroes Square
PELENDRI churches and monasteries


PELENDRI churches and monasteries tours, P1132924.png
The Church of Timios Stavros
PELENDRI churches and monasteries tours, church pelendri.png
The Church of Agios Ioannis
PELENDRI churches and monasteries tours, arxag mixail pelendri.png
The Church of Archaggelou Michael
PELENDRI churches and monasteries tours, katholiki pelendri.png
The Church of the Catholiki Panagias
PELENDRI community council

Community Council

The President and the Members of Pelendri Community Council -of the Lemesos District -that have been elected in the Municipal elections of the 18th of December 2011, in accordance with the "On Communities" Law, N.86(I)/199, are the following:

Full Name : Nicos Patsiaourou (President)
Telephone : 99553726    

Full Name : Costakis Kyprianou (Vice-President)
Telephone : 99202189    

Full Name : Vasos Pafitis
Telephone : 99615949    

Full Name : Sotiris Panteli
Telephone : 99421501   

Full Name : Andreas Nicolaou
Telephone :    

Full Name : Charalambos Charalambous
Telephone :    

Full Name : Dimosthenis Zorzis 
Telephone :     

Full Name : Vasos Vasiliou
Telephone : 

Full Name : Pantelis Constantinou
Telephone :

Committee/Administrative Board :

The Administrative Board of S.K.E. in Pelendri consists if nine volunteers that provide services for free and are responsible for the planning and realizing of social programs aiming cover the needs of several vulnerable social groups and their welfare. What is more, the committee of S.K.E. organizes events, fundraisers, galas so as to financially reinforce the programs and provide the best services possible. Additionally, S.K.E. Volunteers’ Body has been founded and provides services when needed and according to the capacities of each member. It consists of young children of the community; each year they organize their summer event, comprised of almost 80 participants aged between 12 and 30.

PELENDRI citizen services

Citizens Services

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Records of PELENDRI


Organised groups in PELENDRI

Organised Groups

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Entertainment in PELENDRI


Entertainment tours in PELENDRI, IMG_0849.png
Entertainment tours in PELENDRI, IMG_0688.png
Sports Centre
Entertainment tours in PELENDRI, kids playground.png
Kids Playground
Entertainment tours in PELENDRI, football field.png
Football field
Entertainment tours in PELENDRI, laiko.png
Services in PELENDRI


Tours of services in PELENDRI, EKO petrol station.png
EKO petrol station

Tours of services in PELENDRI, council_pelendri.png
The Community Council Offices

Tours of services in PELENDRI, spe.PNG

Places to eat in PELENDRI

Food & Wine

Tours of places to eat in PELENDRI, phelandria.PNG
Phelandrio Cafe
Shopping in PELENDRI


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Tours of shops in PELENDRI, platanos.PNG
Mini Market Platanos
Accommodation in PELENDRI



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Latest News

Events in PELENDRI

Upcoming Events

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02/08/2014 - 21:00 Download Attachment

Eleni Vitali Concert @Pelendri Community Stadium - Pelendri

17/11/2013 - 11:00 Download Attachment


05/08/2011 - 21:00 Download Attachment

Mano Loizou@Stadium of Pelendri - Pelendri

13/05/2011 - 18:00

Pelendri sports centre opening@Pelendri sports centre - Pelendri

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