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4541, Apaisia, Limassol



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APAISIA history


The beautiful and picturesque village of Apesia has emerged for centuries in the south of the Troodos mountain range, in the middle of the rivers Garyllis and Limnatis. 

It is a semi-mountainous village of the Lemesos District, built on an altitude of 480 metres. 

In Apesia, traditional elements coexist with the modern ones. On the one side there is a traditional housing with small stone built residences and on the other side there are new bigger residences spread west and southwest of the old housing. 


The history of Apesia begins thousands of years back, when the first residents settled here from Apesos of Asia Minor.

The long-century history of the village is confirmed by the gravestone columns with Greek inscriptions in the yard of the school and church, as well as ancient roman tombs, which, according to Gunnis, were illegally destroyed.

In particular, findings as well as other cultural remains reveal that the area had residents during the Neolithic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period, as well as during the Frankish and Venetian occupation. 

According to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, the village is not included in the “list of fiefs or royal estates of the Luzignan and Venetian period”.


The name of the village seems to be related to Apesia – obviously Apesos – of Asia Minor, according to Nearchos Clerides. The latter actually links the naming of the village with the arrival of residents from the homonymic area of Asia Minor.


From the 80s up until today, Apesia has followed an increasing populating course. The village, with the completion of a series of improvement works, and also thanks to the peace and human kindness offered by the countryside, is optimistic that not only will it maintain its population, but also that it will increase it by attracting new permanent residents.


The primary school of Apesia is attended by 36 students. Starting from the school year of 2007-2008, the Single All-day School began its operation, where students remain at school until 4 pm. In total, the school has eight teachers. All nursery school, Gymnasium or Lyceum students who attend school in Lemesos are offered free bus transfer

APAISIA places of interest

Places of Interest

APAISIA places of interest tours, palioDimotikoSxolio_apaisias.png
Old Public School 1911-1966
APAISIA places of interest tours, arxaiologikiSillogi_apaisia.png
Archaeological collection
APAISIA places of interest tours, terebinth_apaisia.png
APAISIA places of interest tours, 1310708931mnimioNuros_apaisia.png
Monument of Evripidis Nuros
APAISIA churches and monasteries


APAISIA churches and monasteries tours, agios georgios apaisias.PNG
The church of Agios Georgios
APAISIA churches and monasteries tours, agia zoni apaisias.PNG
The church of Agias Zonis
APAISIA community council

Community Council

The members of the Community Council of Apesia that have been elected during the municipal elections of 18/12/2011 are:
Full Name: Lefteris Perikli (President)
Occupation: Private Employee
Address: Yiannaki Papacharalambous
Telephone: 99612889

Full Name: Panayiotis Nouros(Vice-President)
Address: Griva Digeni 1
Telephone: 99438689

The members of the Community Council are :

Full Name: Savvas Konstantinou
Address: Ag. Eirinis 31
Telephone: 99414540

Full Name: Eleni Georgiou
Occupation: Private Employee
Address: Zoodoxou Pigis 6
Telephone: 99035950

Full Name: Marios Vourkas
Occupation: Iron-Welder
Address: Evagora Pallikaride 1
Telephone: 99679643

Full Name: Neofytos Savva
Occupation: Private Employee
Address: Tasou Isaak 3
Telephone: 99881664

Full Name: Petros Papapetrou
Occupation: Retired
Address: Apesia
Telephone: 99462409
APAISIA citizen services

Citizens Services

Projects in APAISIA


APAISIA project Ag.Zonis Square and St. George

Posted on: 30/09/2015

Video of APAISIA


Records of APAISIA


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Organised Groups

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Entertainment in APAISIA


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The Community Park
Services in APAISIA


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The Community Council Offices

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Community Health Center

Tours of services in APAISIA, school apaisias.PNG
Apaisia's Public School

Places to eat in APAISIA

Food & Wine

Tours of places to eat in APAISIA, kafeneio apaisia.PNG
Andreas Cafe
Tours of places to eat in APAISIA, 1310708143ethnikoSwmatio_apaisia.png
Nationalistic Association
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